Paper ballots?

Lots of problems with voting devices yesterday. Whether mechanical or digital, voting machines can have problems. The old mechanical machines frequently broke or just wore out. The electronic machines have power failures, software issues, and who knows what.

Mechanical machines can be rigged. Digital devices can also be tampered with although so far it's failure and not vote fraud that occurs. There were a few minutes yesterday when I thought the failure might be just a ploy to keep polling places open later to benefit one candidate or another. But it appears it was just the election day chaos we've come to know so well.

Paper ballots are old fashioned but reliable. They can easily be counted and recounted if needed. Election boards won't like it because it's a lot of work, although not as much as what some poor election officials went through yesterday. The news media won't like it because for them, immediacy is more important than integrity. Instant gratification, even if it's wrong.

Paper ballots can be rigged, but it requires the cooperation of everyone in the room from both parties and all the campaigns on the ballot. Tough even at the local level. Even with the Russians trying hard to cause trouble.

It may sound like a step back in time, but paper ballots are worth considering.

posted by DB Cooper