Moving the Goalposts

by Nick Reid

When your slim chance at winning is based on turnout and your tendency is to win at any cost, it seems a little strange when events like the technical problems being experienced today crop up.

The Argus Leader reports that there have been problems with voting machines in eight counties across the state. Brookings, Brown, Hughes, Hyde, Pennington, Potter, Sully, and Yankton counties have all had problems, yet only two of them are extending their hours for the polls.

Coincidentally (pure chance, I’m sure) the two that are being extended are Pennington and Hughes. Both are in the list of counties that Jason Glodt claims Jackley has a slim lead. If, as the Argus also mentions, turnout is low, keeping those two counties open as long as possible is essential to any chance Jackley might have in this gubernatorial primary.

Both Pennington and Hughes counties will stay open an extra 1:45 (until 8:45 mtn). This, despite the fact that only a few polling locations in those counties were affected and, in Hughes county, where only 3 locations had issues, the problems delayed things for about 10 minutes.

Excuse me for being a bit skeptical, but me thinks this is a little too convenient for the losing side.

What this means for South Dakota Republicans is that those who have not voted for Kristi Noem need to get out and cast a ballot to counter Jackley’s delay.

When you can’t get over the goal line, simply move the goalposts.