Ich Bin Ein East Riverite

by Nick Reid

As often seems to happen in South Dakota, it appears that even the gubernatorial race is east river vs. west river.

In an endorsement with as much excitement as a late night bowling tournament on ESPN 4, The Rapid City Journal gave the nod to Marty Jackley. The argument was, well, I’m not exactly sure what the argument was. The article said something about Kristi working with colleagues instead of giving decisions to committees and talking about Jackley’s role in EB-5.

It’s pretty apparent the Journal is searching for reasons to pick Marty (perhaps they have a sexual harassment case they need help with, or something). In a common refrain from the RCJ, they decided to skip the voracity of Noem’s (and our) accusations (I prefer the more accurate, “nuggets of truth”) against the AG and simply say, she’s mean and we don’t like her. And Marty knows stuff. So, there.

Truly, Marty couldn’t have said it better himself.

The Argus Leader went the other direction. With all of the scandals in Pierre and the need for actual change, the editorial board at the Argus sees that, “Both GOP candidates have vowed to transform Pierre if they are elected governor, but only Noem can turn the page by her very presence”.

In other words, the status quo must go.

Having seen the packed house at Noem campaign HQ in Rapid City for Kristi’s sprint to the finish line, I would say there are a lot of West Riverites (Riverans?) that strongly disagree with their hometown fish wrap.

For me, personally, it’s a sad day. First I had to drive all the way to Sioux Falls to see Paul McCartney, and now this.

To mangle the timeless quote from JFK, on Tuesday, ich bin ein East Riverite.