See something -- Say something. Just don't say it to Marty Jackley

"Any female agent in the DCI should report any harassment to their supervisors, and I have an open-door policy for them to also raise concerns directly to me." Attorney General Marty Jackley, Argus Leader, December 21, 2017

When a SD Division of Criminal Investigation agent working on the Aberdeen Area Drug Task Force experienced sexual harassment on the job, she went to her supervisors and directly to Marty Jackley. He has an open door policy. What Jackley didn't say is that if you report harassment using his open door policy, you may be headed right back out the door, demoted, transferred to a different and trivial job far from home, driven from the department after years of positive reviews, and then forced to take whatever job you can to help support your family.

Career over.

This was the experience of Laura Kaiser. It really happened. She went from being a respected investigator on an experienced drug task force to a part time furniture salesman.

But Kaiser didn't go quietly. When she entered Marty Jackley's open door she didn't realize what the Attorney General would do, or more importantly what he would not do, and how it would end her career. But Jackley didn't realize he wasn't dealing with someone looking for easy money or a better position. Laura Kaiser was serious and willing to risk her career to find some justice.

Fortunately for Kaiser a federal jury agreed with her.

The federal jury heard the facts, clearly understood what happened and found in favor of the agent. She was awarded a $1.2 million settlement. It sounds like a lot, but it really isn't much at all compared to giving up the DCI career Kaiser was working so hard to build.

This looks bad for a candidate for governor. Especially a candidate telling women that he's concerned about sexual harassment in the workplace. He'll do something about it. Except jackley told Kelo he denied Kaiser's complaint because he wasn't getting all the information from DCI.

Your the Attorney General. You run the place. But you didn't get a clear picture at the time?

His open door policy helped ruin the career of at least one victim of sexual harassment. Have other unsuspecting victim's walked through Jackley's open door expecting to be helped only to lose their jobs, if not their careers?

Keloland's Angela Kennecke produced the best coverage of the whole tragic mess. Start here, but also see reports here and here. The Aberdeen News has an index of its coverage.

Posted by DB Cooper