An Easy Answer

by Nick Reid

After getting my 50th email from the Jackley campaign (that’s an exaggeration, it’s really only been 47) crying about how DC is trying to steal the gubernatorial election here in South Dakota and how all of these “lies” are being thrown about concerning our “trusted” AG, I really wonder who is making these calls for the campaign. There is an easy solution for a self-proclaimed choir boy like Marty Jackley.

Just tell the truth.

The easy way to blunt and/or stop the “negative attacks” is to simply answer the charges. How is it that the EB-5 scandal could happen right under your nose and result in NO jail time or real punishment for those involved? How can $62 million be wasted, misappropriated and stolen through the Gear Up program without someone in the DOJ noticing, despite complaints and warnings from those involved? Why would the AG be personally involved in dropping 39 of 40 criminal counts against a child rapist and his wife? What exactly was Jackley’s role with the Global Aquaponics scandal in Watertown and why is the lead shyster hosting events for him?

The public wants to know.

The answer may lie (pun intended) in Jackley’s response to the last question during the SDPB debate a few days ago. When asked about his role with Global Aquaponics, Jackley answered that he just happened to be there because of the importance of new industry in South Dakota and that Tobias Ritesman never had a fund-raising event for him. If you watch the video, you can almost see the AG’s nose grow as he made the statement.

In fact, the only ground broken on the facility was Marty’s own shovel full of dirt and, according to Jackley’s own finance report, Ritesman did indeed have an event for Jackley. It was only, you know, a few burgers and some ice water where they discussed the weather and, you know, talked about commodity futures. Really.

If you think that there was ever a campaign event in which the sole purpose was not to raise money, I have a sparkling new aquaponics facility to sell you.

The reason Marty Jackley hasn’t taken the easy way and simply dispelled all of the claims, is because he can’t. His bogus answer at the debate proves that.

The AG can run, but he can’t hide from the truth. June 5th, it catches up to him.