If I was a Betting Man

by Nick Reid

Well, the odds are in and, if I was a betting man, I’d be worried if my money is on the AG for governor. The political website PredictIt scores the odds and the buy/sell recommendations on most races in the country and they call it for Noem, going away.

PredictIt.org is a site that will buy shares that you purchase for $1.00. So, a higher price for the share means there is a greater chance of that event happening. For example, Kristi’s price is at .75 per share, which means you would earn .25 per share if she wins. Marty’s shares are at .26, so you would be paid .74 for every share if he wins (greater the risk, greater the reward).

If you’re one of those people that likes to bet on the Browns beating the Patriots (or the Browns beating anyone), Marty is your man. If you like the sure thing, you put your money on Belichick, Brady, and Noem .

Jackley’s fortunes have never been particularly strong with the odds makers, but before the truth came out concerning the civil suit of Laura Zylstra-Kaiser he was trending slightly over .40. With the revelation of his attempt to delay payment and require a non-disclosure agreement, his stock has dropped like a rock, and I expect the bottom has not been reached.

While the site claims that it is not scientific, we’re dealing with real money here. These guys don’t throw darts in hopes that they’ll accidentally make money from mindless rubes. Someone there is clearly reading the political tea leaves.

If there are any Brown’s fans out there with money to burn, now is your shot.

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