Desperation for Whom?

By Nick Reid

So, I got an email the other day from the Jackley campaign. Apparently the dastardly fiends in the Noem camp are actually running “negative” ads against poor Marty. In other words, they’re telling the truth. Fact is, the truth tends to be very inconvenient for our “trusted” Attorney General.

The problem the Jackley campaign has is that, along with trying to keep their already overflowing closet from spilling skeletons into the hallway, they have no mud of their own to sling. The best Jackley can come up with (and he, therefore, uses ad nauseam) is that Noem is part of DC and DC sucks because they don’t help us enough even though we don’t need their help because DC sucks.

He also tries to tie Noem to out-of-state interests/money, but as has been shown, Marty is no stranger to the same.

The inference in the email (which is also a press release) is that the Noem campaign is scared and desperate. After all, they rejected Jackley’s “clean campaign” offer (it’s pretty easy to ask someone to disarm when they are the only side to actually have any bullets). Her poll numbers are in free fall, they say. Send us money so we can combat all this horrible information (the truth, that is)!

The reality is, Kristi has been consistently up in everyone’s polls (including Jackley’s internal polling) and this is very likely not a last grasp for her, it’s the last nail in the coffin for him.

The next tact for Marty would be to do what lawyers (especially our AG) always do to silence opposition, file suit. If that happens, listen for the banging from inside the pine box.

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